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Our Mission at Virtue of Health Wellness Center:

To give our patients a better understanding of the beautiful ecosystem that occurs within our bodies. When our bodies are not functioning optimally, this ecosystem is compromised. It is our mission to provide accurate knowledge on how to improve their health and lifestyle choices through identifying the route cause of “dis-ease” and healing the body with a balance of science and holistic modalities. 

Virtue Of Health is a medically supervised wellness center and functional medicine clinic staffed with a Medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Aesthetician and Holistic Health Coaches.  We specialize in addressing full spectrum health conditions including: aging, weight gain, hormone imbalance, chronic viral illness, immune system regeneration, autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and more. Our treatment services help to promote healthier cells and tissues for a better quality of life by improving energy and promoting overall well-being.

Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease by using a systematic approach, and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century.


Functional medicine addresses the whole person and sets out to treat the root cause of disease, not just mitigate symptoms with medication. This patient-centered approach involves a more thorough health evaluation.  Factoring in ones history, lifestyle, environment, genetic components, and emotional state is important to properly diagnose and treat.  In this way, functional medicine supports the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual.


the Founder

Dr.Jaqlyn Jacobs NMD, CNC is a Microscopist, Certified Nutritional Counselor specializing in Orthomolecular Nutrition & Sports Nutrition and completed her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (NMD). 

Dr. Jaqlyn has substantial educational experience spanning more than eight years, that has given her a unique perspective on the human biome and healing:

  • 7 years studying Orthomolecular Nutrition

  • 1.5 years studying Biochemistry under Dr. Edward Lauren, a PhD with over 40 years experience

  • 1 year studying Microbiology under Dr. Bobban Sudhra PhD, a Microbiome specialist.

  • 1 year studying Microscopy & Parasitology under Homeopathic M.D. Dr. Okker Botha of Neogenesis.

  • 3 years studying Functional Pharmacology under a Doctor of Pharmacology PhD.

  • 2 years studying Bio-Identical Hormones & Endocrinology under an Internal Medicine Doctor with over 50 years experience

  • 1 year studying Metabolic Function & Weight Loss under a Bariatric Doctor with over 30 years experience.

Dr. Jaqlyn has the following certifications:

  • Masters in Orthomolecular Nutrition & Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (7 years of study)

  • Certified in BioTE Hormone Pelleting

  • Certified as a Microscopist

  • Certified Nutritional Counselor in Sports Nutrition (CNC)

  • Certified in Bright Field Microscopy (BFM) & Dark Field Microscopy (DFM)

  • Certified in Oxidative Stress Testing (OST)

Her work involves intensive Live Blood Cell Analysis in Sarasota, Florida and Dry Layer Oxidative Stress Testing internationally. She uses high-resolution Dark Field and Bright Field microscopy to observe live blood cells. Each illumination shows different anomalies within red blood cells, white blood cells, and blood plasma, creating a unparalleled effectiveness of analysis.

Dr.Jaqlyn's journey in the health care industry began with her own health issues that arrived at a young age of 16 when she was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, an inflammatory auto-immune disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues. Visiting doctor after doctor and getting nowhere, except 40lbs over weight and on prescription steroids, she decided to take her health into her own hands and pursue an education in Naturopathic Medicine. In over a decade she has managed to not only help keep her own health in control but has developed a true passion for spreading her knowledge by sharing her own experiences and implementing the protocols that she learned along the way. Dr. Jaqlyn does not personally see patients, but developed all of the protocols used within in the clinic, in conjunction with Virtue of Health's medical director.

She is constantly researching to ensure Virtue of Health's protocols are at the cutting edge of Functional Medicine.

meet the team

Christina Turner MSN, FNP-BC


 Bio coming soon! 


Licensure & Certifications: 

  • Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN-FNP)

  • Registered Nurse (RN)

  • Certified BioTe Provider 

  • Aesthetic Microneedling 

  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)

  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • Advanced injection Therapies:

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Joint injections

  • Ultrasound guided injections (Joint, Tendon Sheath, Meniscus). This training includes the application of amniotic allograft regenerative therapy.

Jennifer Giggleman RN, BSN

 Jennifer is a registered nurse with a Bachelors degree from Chamberlain College of Nursing in Illinois. She is currently a Family Nurse Practitioner student at Chamberlain College of nursing.

Jennifer has been a registered nurse for eleven years with most of her experience being in critical care units and experiencing the last four years as a travel nurse exploring different locations. She believes in the holistic approach to wellness and found a passion to help others seek wellness with this path. Wellness includes the body, mind, and spirit that make up the whole person and her goal is to help patients attain that whole.

   Jennifer is originally from Chicago, but has been all over the country as a travel nurse. Since moving from Indiana to Florida, she has taken the time to enjoy the Florida weather and enjoy doing anything outdoors while also spending time with her family and daughter.


Licensure & Certifications: 

  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)

  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • Registered Nurse (RN)

Noel Hickey RN, BSN

Noell has over 10 years as a healthcare professional. She has served in the US Navy with experience in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. After the military, she received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Remington College School of Nursing.

As a Registered Nurse, she has worked at an acute outpatient Oncology clinic, Healthy Kids RN K-12, and pediatric home health care. As Noell advanced in her nursing career, she soon realized her passion for Integrative Medicine. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine at East West College of Natural Medicine to become an Acupuncture Physician. She believes in the importance of prevention and wellness. However, when faced with illness, she believes in having access to alternative, natural and holistic therapies to restore the mind and body into balance, therefore treating the root cause and not just the symptoms. Other degrees include a Bachelors of Science from Eastern Michigan University, where she studied cytogenetics, before joining the Navy.

Noell has two children who she loves spending time with while enjoying paddle boarding, hiking and exploring the various local parks with their two dogs, Sarge & Zoe.


Licensure & Certifications:

  • Registered Nurse (RN)

  • ONS/ONCC Chemotherapy Biotherapy Certification

  • ACLS HCP-BLS–American Heart Association

  • Certified Wellness Educator

  • Certified Wellness Coach

  • Acupuncture Physician Candidate 


My name is Robin Woolley and I am a Social Worker in rural schools in northern New Mexico.  I have been providing social work services for the past 38 years.  I met Dr.Tinaro in Florida as she was working with Blood Microscopy.  I was feeling low energy and that I might need some supplements to bring me up to par.  Dr.Jaqlyn tested my blood which was an amazing process in itself.  It was neat to see my blood cells and then to have a consult on what I saw.  Dr.Tinaro was fabulous as she is very knowledgeable as a Naturopathic Physician and Health Coach.  She recommended supplements to help me balance my system once again and was very encouraging; giving me a positive outlook on my situation.  I bought the supplements and took them for the prescribed time limit which helped me make the jump I was looking for.  Thank you Dr. Tinaro, I would recommend you to anyone!  I don't take my health lightly and it's important to me that the health professional I am working with is not only knowledgeable but kind and a conscious human being.  Thank you for all of your support and may your practice flourish with abundance!

— Robin Woolley, New Mexico

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