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Seasonal Radiance Facial | 50 min 

Many would say Floridians do not experience true seasons.  On the contrary, locals experience longer unruly climates which the skin is often not prepared for. These seasonal condition changes although different than other parts of the world, lead to different personal habits and irregular skincare regimens.

This facial will feature special edition products specifically designed for the time of year with the philosophy of keeping your senses intrigued and radiant complexion.

Teen Facial | 60 min

Skin health begins at a young age, please note that a parent or guardian must sign consent form and book all services for their minors under the age of 18.  This facial is intended to boost confidence in teens going through changes that affect their skin’s appearance and will help purify, calm, and balance the skin’s pH of combination or problematic skin.  Your teen will experience a professional deep cleanse, light enzyme exfoliation, extractions as needed, high frequency to create a sterilized environment resulting in inflammatory reduction within 24- 36 hours post session, hydrating mask, therapeutic neck and shoulder massage, and appropriate moisturizer or serums for their skin condition.  

VOH Signature Facial | 75 min

A personalized treatment for all skin types, concerns and needs on day of service, because your skin and its condition vary on day to day basis.  Client will experience a professional double cleanse, light enzyme exfoliation, extractions as needed, energizing eye treatment, anti-aging mask, antioxidant rich serums and LED light therapy. 


Dermal Peel | 60 min

Whether you’re looking to reverse the signs of aging or correct pigmentation problems, scarring, or to simply achieve a healthy glow Chemical Dermal Peels might be the answer to a deeper exfoliation and pore refining skin therapies.  This non-invasive treatment is designed to aid in cellular turnover and produce smoother, clearer skin.  Depending on your skin condition, you may or may not be a candidate for this technique.  


TCA Peel (8 Week Series Commitment) By Consultation Only

Trichloroacetic Acid is the go-to dermal peel for reversing the signs of aging and correcting pigmentation issues such as melasma, age spots, and acne scars. They can also be used on other parts of the body if necessary.  A single TCA session can do wonders for your skin but is best achieved in an 8-week commitment to completely transform your skin with youthful results that can last anywhere from 6 – 9 months.  This series is designed with your skin and your skincare goals in mind, therefore is only offered to clients after they have had 3 or more skin care treatments.   

Microdermabrasion Face only | 50 min Face, Neck & Décolleté | 90 min

For those individuals who desire a natural glow! This advanced facial treatment is minimally abrasive and provides a deeper exfoliation for an overall balanced complexion.  Whether you battle with hyperpigmentation, sun damage, melasma, or light scarring. . . softness you feel and see can be achieved with a microdermabrasion.  


*Depending on your tolerance, lifestyle and desired skincare goals, many clients achieve optimum results when starting with 3 close in succession treatments followed by a monthly or quarterly regimen.

Tattoo Revitalization | 45 min

Tattoo(s) looking a bit dull?  Then this is one treatment you do not want to go without.  Tattoo's often hold value whether be sentimental, goal driven, life and it's obstacles or for the passion of art and expression itself.  Unfortunately, as time goes on and our habits change with the outdoors and the aftercare regimen discontinues, tattoo(s) fade and lose their vibrancy.


Specifically with your tattoo's design and its' age in mind, this tailored session includes both a manual and enzyme exfoliation followed by a moisture boosting and pH balancing peptide infusion to bring your tattoo(s) back to life.  Please note that price and time may vary for larger pieces or for when they are in multiple places of the body.  


*Many clients immediately notice their tattoo(s) are more enhanced and with the "pop" they once had.  For tattoos with 10+ years, more than one session may be recommended for optimum result. 


Brow Tinting | 30 min 

Adding depth and shape to your brows can do wonders with enhancing your facial features naturally.  This semi-permanent coloring process may take up to 30 minutes from start to finish yet leaving you with 4 - 6 weeks eyebrow pencil, brow dip or powder filling in the mornings!


Lash Tinting | 30 min 

Ideal for individuals with fair or few lashes!  Bring depth and fullness to your lash game in just minutes without the use of cosmetics.  Lash tinting time frames may vary per individual as custom colors can be implemented to compliment your natural skin tone & eye color.


Brow Waxing | 30 min

With the use of cream wax or hard wax, your brows will be cleaned up and shaped to your liking.  For Reshaping please allow 4 - 5 weeks before scheduling your appointment.

Eyelash Extensions:

Classic Set  | 120 min *Fill Within 2-3 Weeks    

Hybrid Set  | 120 min *Fill Within 2-3 Weeks 

Volumizing Set  | 120 min *Fill Within 2-3 Weeks 

*  Must have at least 40% lashes left per eye to be considered a fill- anything less will result in a new set.

Facial Enhancements: 


Glycolic, Lactic or Salicylic 

A Chemical form of exfoliation, depending on your skin conditions. The most suitable peel will be selected by your Esthetician.  


RF Tightening & Toning + per area

Even with all the latest advancements out there, this device remains one of the top preferred non-surgical tightening treatments for Face + Body.  Safe & FDA Approved.  Aids in successful contouring, melting fat and breaking down adipose tissues responsible for cellulite and loss of elasticity.  With controlled heat and Multi- Polar Radio Frequency, this session transforms the skin by boosting collagen production that will continue to stimulate the fibroblast cells 4 - 6 weeks post session with no downtime.  


*Suggested sessions and their results will vary per client.  Consultations available.

Dermaplaning / Oil-Planing + 

An excellent form of manual exfoliation with the use of a surgical scalpel to gently remove dead skin cells of the epidermis layer along with the fine vellus hairs (peach fuzz-like) which often accumulate excess oil and debris leading to dull looking skin and frequent breakouts.   This procedure has no downtime and allows products to penetrate deeper into the skin, boosting your skin care results and leaving you with a more youthful and vibrant glow.   Oil- Planing is the same technique yet using a serum to aid in skin cell removal rather than degreasing for an instant skin hydration for those who have very dry, sensitive or easily irritated/ reactive skin.  Reduces the potential irritation from occurring leaving you with a pleasant experience.


LED Light Therapy +

Full range LED Photodynamic Light Therapy is offered as a standalone service for those who would like to incorporate this into their regimen to elevate the benefits of their skincare routine, to aid with their skin conditions, or to treat their skin in between their professional services. 


Red Light: Collagen Boosting / Anti-Aging

Blue Light: Mild- Moderate Acne Fighting

Purple Light: Cell Rejuvenation

Cyan Light: Soothing / Recovery

Amber Light: Hypo Pigment Correction/Revitalizer

Green Light:  Pigment Correction

Yellow Light: Rosacea, Eczema, Sunburn Relief


*This Device is UV FREE, and is FDA approved for safe facial rejuvenation.  Power naps welcome!  Sessions begin at $25 per 15 minutes.   15 minutes and up.

Collagen Induction Therapy MD Pen

This treatment can be done on the face, neck, chest, hands, scars & stretch marks. Prices will vary based on body part. 

Collagen Induction Therapy MD Pen w/ PRP (Vampire Facial) 

This treatment can be done on the face, neck, chest, hands, scars & stretch marks. Prices will vary based on body part. 

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