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Holistic Doctor Near Me

Concierge Medical Services 

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An Innovative Approach To Care

A "concierge" physician provides many advantages over a traditional primary care or internal medicine practice. Concierge medicine is a patient centered approach to medicine and ensures the patient is the top priority. 

Your "concierge" physician should be thought of as an integral member of your trusted team of advisors. 

Virtue of Health offers concierge medical services such as at home primary care, IV therapy, and Vitamin Injections. 

One of our highly trained medical providers will drive to your home and go over any medical concerns you may have as well as administer one of our custom IV nutrient formulas to you and your family and friends. 

Virtue of Health serves Sarasota FL as well as Lakewood Ranch FL, Bradenton FL, Venice FL, and Nokomis FL.  

Holistic Doctor Near Me

Concierge Nutrition

All Virtue of Health consultations and services can be provided via phone consult or video chat.

nutrition consultations include:

  • Reading and interpreting lab work

  • Custom diet protocol

  • Custom supplement protocol

  • Specialist and/or further testing recommendations if necessary

  • Nutrient IM injections

Diets/Cleanses we recommend and provide:

  • ​Eliminating common allergens from diet (processed sugars, dairy, gluten etc.)

  • Raw Vegan Diet

  • Whole food plant based diet

  • Food combining   

  • Anti-Candida diet & supplementation

  • Anti- Parasite diet & supplementation 

  • Keto Diet

  • Paleo Diet                    

  • Digestive rebalancing 

  • ​Physician grade bio-available supplementation                    

  • Fertility diet plans                                  

  • GAPS diet (gut-brain connection) 

  • ​Heavy metal detox diet plans               

  • Healthy weight loss          

  • Body ecology diet 

  • ​Blood type diets           

  • Sports nutrition & injury                                        

  • Juicing & liquid diets/cleanses

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