Don’t let hormonal imbalance take your quality of life – take control today with BHRT.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

A transgender person has often faced a long struggle to reconcile their inner identity with their outer body. Facing so many challenges and decisions, it is important to understand the pros and cons of various hormone replacement therapies (HRT). We have helped thousands of transgender individuals across the United States who require HRT during and after transition. Bio-identical hormone therapy naturally and safely provides the required hormones for transition, aligning the patient’s sexual characteristics with their gender identity.


Virtue of Health's bioidentical hormone therapy is effective whether the goal of hormone treatment is feminization or masculinization. In other words, BHRT can be used for male-to-female or female-to-male transition. Because hormone therapy is a lifetime commitment for transgender individuals, most patients desire a natural therapeutic solution, that is safe and effective for long-term use without dangerous side effects. Virtue of Health HRT pellets are 100% natural, administered by physicians, and based in science – for the safest and most effective results during and after your transition.

Frequently asked questions about Hormone Replacement THerapy

What Makes This Therapy The Best Choice?

Daily pills, painful shots, conspicuous patches, and messy creams and gels are not practical for a long-term solution. In addition to being a constant hassle, these antiquated hormone delivery methods do not promote natural quality in your true identity and lifestyle. But bioidentical hormone therapy pellets only need to be inserted once every four to six months in a quick 10 minute procedure.

Will It Be Customized To My Hormonal Needs?

HRT pellets are much simpler, more effective and offer greater consistency of delivery. Every treatment is customized for the individual transgender patient’s unique hormone balancing needs – and we monitor any potential health risks closely – working in tandem with you and your other participating physicians.

How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Work?

There are many choices when it comes to hormone replacement methods. The challenge is finding one that will make your transition easier, and also can maintain hormonal balance for a lifetime – safely, easily and without side-effects. There needs to be continuous and ongoing low dosage of hormone delivered as the body requires it. Release of testosterone and/or estradiol directly into the blood-stream, bypassing the gastrointestinal system and liver is preferred. Virtue of Health bioidentical hormone replacement pellets are consistently proven more effective than oral, injected, or topical methods with regard to sexual function, mood and cognitive function, metabolic function, bone density, urinary, prostate and vaginal problems, lipid profiles, breast health and hormone ratios. BHRT pellets are a solution that has long lasting results, with NO daily maintenance, and NO dangerous side-effects from long-term use.

Is This Therapy Reliable?

Virtue of Health uses the most reliable hormone delivery system available – long-lasting, time released pellet implants. Our proprietary personalized dosing system is based in science, not guesswork. This enables Virtue of Health physicians to precisely determine the proper low dosage of bioidenticals for you as a transgender individual. We use a time proven insertion method to assure a consistent steady delivery of testosterone and/or estradiol, 24/7. We’ve been doing this a lot longer than most, with 25+ years of experience, we understand exactly what it takes to create a healthy state of balance and well-being for you. Remember, not all hormone or pellet therapies are alike or work well. It takes consistent hormonal balance to sustain a healthy body and support your health as you transition and thereafter.