Sarasota IV Therapy
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Corporate Memberships

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Monthly Corporate Membership
Price is dependant on amount of time needed with the provider starting at $250 

10% OFF - All Supplements

10% OFF IV treatments & Vitamin Injections

FREE on site lab draw ($25 value)

FREE urinalysis/flu/UTI/strep testing ($100+ value)

Includes 1 monthly visit & 10% off additional visits

Office visits may roll over and be given to established patients if desired

Unlimited phone & email support during business hours


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CONSULTATION with a Health Plan Expert to help reduce your employer-sponsored healthcare spending.

  • FLEXIBLE ACCESS to in-office + virtual visits to meet your busy schedule. Members receive exclusive access to early + late hours as needed. Up to 6 visits, per plan member, in a calendar year.

  • CONVENIENT SCHEDULING through our online platform.

  • VIRTUAL ACCESS available to you + your team during travel to help you remain in your A-game – helping to avoid unnecessary trips to the Emergency Department or Urgent Care.

  • ON-SITE CARE OPTIONS to meet the unique needs of your organization.

  • EXCELLENCE IN CARE from highly trained Functional + Lifestyle Medicine Providers passionate about keeping you and your team healthy + productive.

  • INDIVIDUALIZED CARE, customized to meet your employees’ unique health + wellness needs.

  • REDUCED COSTS for advanced testing, nutritional evals, comprehensive GI panels, etc.


  • PLANS start at $200 per month, per employee. Additional cost savings available depending on group size.

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Membership Details

Membership Agreement Terms

3 month agreement minimum for all memberships

Receive additional 10% OFF when you pay for 12 months up front

30 day cancellation notice in writing required

$25 termination fee will be applied


Lab Services & Fees


Lab fees are not included in the monthly membership package. Virtue of Health utilizes a number of unique labs to get down to the root cause of a patient’s health issues. Although we do not process insurance in our office, we will provide your insurance information on any laboratory paperwork we submit so that your insurer will be billed appropriately. In the course of an appointment, if labs are drawn, a blood draw fee may be incurred by the patient to cover the cost of materials and shipping. If the patient’s insurance provider only covers labs performed at places such as Quest or LabCorp, please let us know ahead of time so Virtue of Health can provide the patient with the appropriate lab order.In some instances, an insurer may not cover the total cost of the labs based on the patient’s policy. It is the patient’s responsibility to know the information of their insurance policy and make an informed decision on whether to proceed with certain labs. Virtue of Health cannot guarantee insurance coverage of any lab test and is not responsible for any balance owed to the lab by the patient unless a special arrangement has been made between the patient and Virtue of Health.Virtue of Health has a pre-negotiated cash rate for certain tests. This may make it cheaper for the patient to pay cash for the test. Please make sure to have your insurance information present with you on the day the labs are drawn.

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