Hormone Support

Benefits May Include:
  • ​Increased testosterone levels

  • Reduce persistent or chronic pain

  • Regulate cortisol levels

  • Restore sleep patterns

  • Improved quality of sleep

Benefits May Include:
  • ​Increase in pituitary hormones, LH and FSH

  • Increase in testosterone levels

  • Reversal of effects from hypogonadism

  • Improved fertility in females

  • Improve blood pressure and electrolyte balance

Benefits May Include:
  • Healing of damage from mold toxicity or biotoxins such as Lyme

  • Helps heal the lining of the gut by directly increasing blood flow

  • Increases gut motility and enzyme release

  • Lowers inflammation by lowering most cytokines and improving T cells

  • Improved Vitamin D metabolism

  • Increased melatonin and testosterone levels

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