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What Our Patients Say

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Carla Murray

The doctor saved my life!!! She really did! 

For 2 ½ years Western Medicine couldn’t help me and I went to some of the finest doctors. I did every imaginable test and spent a fortune trying to figure out what was going on with me. I was told to take pharmaceutical drugs which did not help me. Since I had no other real answer as to what may be going on I just did so until I went to Virtue of Health.

Through live blood analysis and extensive training in functional medicine, she pointed out everything that was contributing to my symptoms, and I could see it right there in front of my eyes. 

Finally answers and a protocol that she said would work. This meant I had to commit to a life style change.  I did have to temporarily change my diet and take supplements to cleanse my body naturally. This wasn't easy but it worked.

She told me that it takes 4 months to create new blood cells and I travelled from NY to Florida 3 times to see the progress.  I stuck to the protocol! In just 4 months, with her guidance, I am healed.

I am now symptom free and it is like a miracle. She also helped cure a cough that my fiance had for a year as well through a similar protocol. The doctor truly practices what she teaches, is generous with her time and is very well educated. She will help you.

Thank you Virtue of Health:
I am forever grateful to you and will continue to stay on this path.

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Lily Huber

I started going to Virtue of Health because I was suffering from IBS and severe hormonal issues. Before I came here I was getting frustrated seeing multiple doctors and them only spending a few minutes of there time with me, then prescribing me pills to take to fix my problems. When I met the practitioner I thought it was doing everything right. I was vegan, worked out everyday, drank a lot of water, I couldn't understand why I was having so many problems. The doctor is one of those rare doctors who actually care about there patients. She always listens to me and I never feel like I am being rushed when I speak with her. She analyzed all of my symptoms and gave me a list of vitamins and supplements to take, what foods to bring into my diet and which to cut out. It was so amazing to finally meet someone who is so knowledgeable about everything related to nutrition and wellness. I can honestly say Virtue of Health changed my life for the better. If it wasn't for them I would still be suffering and searching for answers. My stomach is completely better and my hormones are back to being balanced thanks to her advice. After knowing her for quite some time now I can say she is one of the most caring and selfless people I know. Whenever I have a question I always ask her and she responds with a thorough explanation and advice. I am so grateful to know everyone at Virtue of Health and my life has very much improved from their constant help.

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Robin Woolley

My name is Robin Woolley and I am a Social Worker in rural schools in northern New Mexico.  I have been providing social work services for the past 38 years.  I was feeling low energy and that I might need some supplements to bring me up to par.  Virtue of Health tested my blood which was an amazing process in itself.  It was neat to see my blood cells and then to have a consult on what I saw.  The doctor was fabulous as she is very knowledgeable in Naturopathic medicine. She recommended supplements to help me balance my system once again and was very encouraging; giving me a positive outlook on my situation.  I bought the supplements and took them for the prescribed time limit which helped me make the jump I was looking for.  Thank you Virtue of Health, I would recommend you to anyone!  I don't take my health lightly and it's important to me that the health professional I am working with is not only knowledgeable but kind and a conscious human being.  Thank you for all of your support and may your practice flourish with abundance!

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Karol F

My experience with Virtue of Health began about 4 years ago with a blood analysis. At that time, she saw the potential for gall bladder problems and protein deficiencies.  Unfortunately, I didn't fully act upon her advice then.


Over the past year I worked with her again after my parathyroid surgery when my body was very depleted and I was severely depressed and was having stomach and gall bladder issues. Her various recommendations: hormone therapy, IV therapy, B-shots and Amino Pro supplements has been a great help in restoring my health and strength.


I am grateful for the advanced diagnostic techniques and therapies that Virtue of Health is trained in and so effectively uses to support wellness and the reversal of disease. 

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Kristen Hernandez

Virtue of Health gave me new life. I highly recommend them, as they are the most knowledgable practitioners I have ever encountered and not only that, they actually care about all of their patients. I came to them feeling extremely discouraged after, more doctors than I can count, telling me I was extremely healthy and have normal levels. But I new the abdominal pain, cloudy head, constant headaches among many other issues wasn't "healthy". After of the doctor TAKING HER TIME to understand my symptoms and struggles she was able to examine my THOROUGH blood-work and came to a conclusion that no other Doctor even cared to look into further, despite my struggles. She was able to diagnose me with an autoimmune disorder and treat me accordingly. I now wake up every day with a clear mind and more energy than I could imagine. My relationship with my family is enhanced now that I am getting what my body was lacking, my daughter even calls her "The Happy Body Doctor". Before I was barely living and now I am thriving. And now my husband and I may have the opportunity, if we choose, to conceive. They will be the best decision you've made in a very long time! GO SEE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dylan Jordan

The team at Virtue of Health have done amazing things for my health. They have been the most influential part of my healing journey. They are incredibly knowledgeable in so many ways and I have recommended many people with many different health journeys and not one has been disappointed. I would recommend anyone to see them. I’m a very happy patient and will continue to come in and see the doctor and her team for years to come.

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Kate Flowers

Having been to nearly every IV treatment in Sarasota, I can confidently say that Virtue of Health is the best. You’re not just walking in to get a standard treatment. The center is holistic in its approach and will work with you to provide you with a combination of vitamins specific to your body’s needs. They offer a wide variety of services from hormone therapy and health coaching for weight loss to vitamin IV therapy and facials. The staff is lovely and the center is beautiful. If you’re struggling with your health or even just stressed out from work like I am, I highly recommend booking a consultation and seeing what they can do for you. It helps!

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Katrina A

Have been coming here for a few months to manage my fibromyalgia, digestive, and cfs. The doctor and staff are wonderful and so knowledgeable. Pain and fatigue is under control and feel as though I have my life back. Would highly recommend!!

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Angie T

The doctor is so knowledgeable and caring. I have full confidence in her treatments and suggestions. She knew about literally everything I asked her with no hesitation  Anywhere from lupus to nursing to kidney stones to restless leg syndrome and more. She is extremely intelligent and gives confidence to trust her expertise to improve yourself from the inside out.

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Sarah M

Virtue of Health has the is the best nutritional doctor I know... we are so fortunate to have her here in Sarasota. She can create a personalized nutrition plan to treat/cure virtually any ailment. This is magic in today's world. I'm so grateful to her for sharing her gifts and talents with us.

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Pete Kapinos

Game Changer for me. I feel better than I have in 20 years. Nobody beats Father Time but having Virtue of Health in your corner has me feeling like I have a chance.

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Tracey Stark

Virtue of Health has the best natural doctor around. She really cares about all her patients. She is both compassionate and highly professional. Her knowledge about nutrition and the body are remarkable. I highly recommend her services and procedures. If your looking to prevent or treat diseases Virtue of Health is definitely your best choice!

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