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Don’t let hormonal imbalance take your quality of life – take control today with BHRT.

Hormone Replacement Therapy may be your path to feeling “in balance” with yourself. 

Transgender people tend to engage in an emotional and difficult physical inner conflict to balance their self-perceived identity with their physical characteristics. We acknowledge these very personal challenges and support our patients’ decisions to take them head-on, so we want to help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of hormone replacement therapies (HRT). 


Virtue of Health is the leading provider of HRT for transgender individuals from Tampa to Punta Gorda. We guide our patients through the HRT treatment before and after transition. We recommend “Bio-identical” hormone therapy because it safely provides hormones for transition that exactly match natural hormones. This choice allows our patients to gently adjust internal chemical makeup to match their sexual characteristics and internal gender identity. 


Virtue of Health guides patients through both feminization and masculinization using effective products that are identical to natural human hormones, called “Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy”. BHRT is recognized as effective and safe whether it is used for female-to-male or male to female transition. Realizing transitioning is a commitment of a lifetime for our transgender patients,BHRT perfectly aligns with our patients’ desires for a natural therapy that is effective, safe, and suitable for long-term use without side effects, because your body is already producing bio-identical hormones. Virtue of Health BHRT therapy is delivered in pellet form, safely manufactured by Sotto Pelle, in a natural regimen monitored by our doctors on staff. Our BHRT therapy brings great results because the science is solid, and our staff ensures smooth processing before, during, and after your transition. 

What Do You Need to Know About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?
The advantages of BHRT Pellet therapy as opposed to other hormone therapies:

The BHRT pellet is a long term, slow delivery method as opposed to potentially messy creams or gels,  pills taken daily, uncomfortable shots or a conspicuous patch that displays your choices to everyone. Bio-identical hormone therapy delivered by pellet needs a single 10 minute procedure that lasts 4-6 months. 


Customizable treatments for your unique hormonal needs:

Every treatment can be customized for your individual needs as measured and supervised by our medical professionals. One more advantage of the customizable pellet is the consistent, slow release of the hormones that will keep your system in balance and avoid spikes and ebbs.

How Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy works:

Experience shows that consistent, continuous, low-dosage delivery of hormones yields excellent results with minimal emotional and physical disruption. We believe in helping make your transition easier and safer with reduced side effects. We prefer to deliver the hormones where needed - directly into the bloodstream for effective and even distribution throughout the body, bypassing the gastrointestinal system and your liver. The BHRT pellet has been proven to be more effective relating to sexual function, cognitive function, emotional mood, urinary function, metabolic function, bone density, lipid (fats) profiles, and more. Best of all, pellet therapy does not require daily maintenance and has no side effects from long term use.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is reliable:

Virtue of Health uses a proprietary, customizable dosing system developed by the manufacturer, Sotto Pelle, and supervised by our medical team. The customization allows us to not only determine the correct hormone levels for each individual, but allows us to create a low dosage, continuous delivery system for best results. Our patients receive consistent estradiol and/or testosterone in a steady delivery 24/7. Additionally, our medical team monitors your hormone levels and guides your transition to help you achieve a healthy balance and stability. 

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